King Arthur

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  1. martinwall says:

    Re: King Arthur
    There is a very important but little known connection to Worcestershire regarding the Arthurian legends. This is the presence at Arley Redstone near Stourport On Severn of the hermit preacher Layamon who in the 13th century made the first translation of the legends into English. What is more interesting is that the tales he rendered into the unfashionable English dialect of the region seem almost certainly to derive from assimilated Celtic sources which pre-date those of Geoffrey of Monmouth and Robert Wace, and so constitute a little known treasury of ancient Brythonic legends. If anyone is interested in this aspect of the Arthurian myth and the so called "Matter of Britain" I have just completed a book about the subject and if they wish I can forward the details to them. The opening chapters are being considered for an article by this site presently.

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