Caisho Burroughs

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Caisho Burroughs
    The following is the text from John Aubrey’s ‘Brief Lives’. "Mr. Caisho Burroughs was one of the most beautiful men in England, and very Valiant, but very proud and blood-thirsty: There was then in London a very Beautiful Italian Lady, who fell so extreamly in Love with him, that she did let him enjoy her, which she had never let any Man do before: Wherefore, said she, I shall request this favour of you, never to tell anyone of it. The Gentlewoman died: and afterwards in a Tavern in London he spake of it: and there going to make water, the Ghost of the Gentlewoman did appear to him. He was afterwards troubled with the Apparition of her, even sometimes in company when he was drinking…" I got a little confused at this part, because the ghost story goes on, but it suddenly seems to be about another ghost, though she is Italian, too. But she is "a beautiful Courtesan" and the "Mistress of the Grand Duke," which doesn’t fit the description of the other more modest beautiful Italian lady ghost. So I guess old Caisho Burroughs was haunted by TWO DIFFERENT BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN GHOSTS… what are the odds? The second one took her own life in Florence because of "the Departure of her Gallant of whom she was most passionately enamour’d… At the same moment that she expired, she did appear to Caisho at his Lodgings in London. Collonel Remes was then in Bed with him, who saw her as well as he… she appeared to him frequently… As often as she did appear, he would cry out with great shrieking… saying, O God! here she comes, she comes… as often as Caisho related this, he wept bitterly." The latter ghost told him he was going to die in a duel, and so he did – "she appeared to him the morning before he died."

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