St Leonards, Walton-le-Dale

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: St Leonards, Walton-le-Dale
    Many years ago, I remember visiting St Leonard’s Churchyard very late one night on the way back from a party in Blackpool. Dan (co-creator of this website) and Lee were left in the car smoking roll ups whilst I investigated the churchyard with another investigator called J (pseudonym as he is a published scientist now with a reputation to protect). I can only imagine that the neighbours to the church thought we were up to no good and called the police as they swung their vehicle into the car park and started to interrogate Lee and Dan. The Police were told the story about Edward Kelly and the ritual and that they were accompanying two investigators trying to gauge where it could have taken place. Yes there had been alcohol at the party which could explain why I was wandering through a graveyard so late. The Police suspected drugs and checked the tobacco. They then came searching for J and I. We did not know it was a Policeman shining his torch over the grave stones and thinking it was Lee we decided to hide. The Police were not happy that they could find us and suspected Lee and Dan were lying. They were given a warning not to be there when they returned and took a note of all our names and addresses in case they discovered any vandalism the following day. I think I got a bit of a kicking when we did slowly emerge from the graveyard.

    I’m sure there is a lesson to learn here somewhere.