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Ladybower Reservoir

Ladybower Reservoir served as a testing ground for bombers during the Second World War, and the area is littered with the broken remains of aircraft, which have crashed over the years. According to sightings some of these flights may be subject to ghostly re-runs.

A plane identified as a Lancaster Bomber has been seen by several witnesses in the area. One witness also reported a plane that crashed in a ball of fire, although nothing was found, even after a thorough search of the moorland.

The plane most readily identified with the Lancaster Bomber is Vicky the Vicious Virgin which saw three years of service during the Second World War. The bomber crashed during a routine training flight on the 18th May, 1945 all 6 of the crew were killed.

Another candidate for ghostly flights is a United States Air force Dakota, which crashed on the 24th July 1945 killing all of its 8 crew, on a spot close to where the Lancaster Bomber came down.

Although these are the most readily identified with the ghostly flights, there have been many crashes in the area, most of them during the Second Word War.

The area has also been the focus for strange lights in the sky, the sightings of these and the ghostly planes may be related in some way.

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