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The Mystery of Lincoln Cathedral

There is a suspicion of true irony in the fact that Hollywood came to film scenes of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' at the splendid Gothic Cathedral of Lincoln, since it has been discovered that it has its own authentic code entwining with the global mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, starting with the discovery of a strange depiction at the scene of The Last Supper at the Great East Window, whereupon instead of either a cup or loaf on Christ's plate, we see a dog!

Furthermore, this dog symbology reappears a further twice - once inside the Cathedral and once outside - reinforcing the theory that hidden symbolism and the layout of the building embraces the principles of sacred geometry and a transmission of secret architectural knowledge hinting at the dog star Sirius.

The same dog that appears on the platter also appears on a 15th century woodcut of the Stations of the Cross, inexplicably staring up at Jesus on his way to Calvary, and another dog that stares up accompanies the statue of famed Holy Grail poet Lord Tennyson, standing in the precincts of the Cathedral. The magnificent 13th century Rose Window at the North Transept may be more correctly known as a Wind Rose or Compass Rose. It has been said by Masons that if the window of this beautifully stained glass decorated Rose Window be removed, and if one were to stand in a certain position within the Cathedral at night, one would clearly see in all its beauty, the constellations of the Northern 'Star Clock' revolving through the stone circles. Thirty foot up the buttress of the south-east corner of the Transept, we find an East sundial that is unusual owing to the oddity of its numerals - no hour lines are marked earlier than 6am - in Lincoln, it is earlier than 6am that we see the sunrise during the Egyptian 'Dog Days' in conjunction with the star Sirius, suggesting the Dial is a dog day marker.

Much of the hidden symbology within the Cathedral alludes to the bright and morning star Sirius and the current chapel dedicated to Mary in the Cathedral is called the Morning chapel. According to 'The Da Vinci Code', the Grail waits underneath ancient Roslin. This may be alluding to the ROSe Window at LINcoln - spelling ROSLIN. Brown's alleged fiction assures us that She, Mary, the Grail, rests at last beneath the starry skies...given that the Rose Window is a planisphere, the Round Table given to Guinevere (correctly pronounced 'Queen-of-air'), a map or atlas of the Northern Constellations, a possible reinterpretation can read 'rests ATLASt' beneath the starry skies of the Rose Window, atlas of the Northern Heavens? Radio astronomy has proven to us that the iron content of the star Sirius is the same as the iron in our blood and the iron of the earth and of our solar system. Sirius is our blood.....the Blood and the Grail ? For further explanations of the relationship between the Cathedral and Rennes-le-Chateau and the Grail, please visit my interview at

We can't leave the Cathedral behind without a word about the Masonic marker of its infamous Lincoln Imp, high up between two arches on the North side of the Angel Choir. This 13th century demon is said to have been blown into the Cathedral by the wind. Generally speaking, an imp is a small demon that has such a restricted power that it relishes in creating havoc by spreading untrue tales and lies amongst the gullible. The word originates from Old English 'impa' meaning 'shoot', 'offspring', 'graft'. In Masonic architecture a graft is 'the place of junction of stock and scion'...'scion' a word from Old French 'sion, scion', meaning a young member of a family, a descendant, an offshoot. Is this a reference to what Dan Brown in his novel refers to as the alleged fathered child of Jesus and Mary, and the Priory of Sion who keep the secret ?

The East Dial sundial faces the splendour of the East Porch, known as the Judgement Porch. Underneath a dog rose shaped detail, we see Jesus high above Mary and child. It is strange that we are asked to accept the adult Jesus above Mary, cradling the infant Jesus in her arms. To gain entry to heaven, we must be as children, and so it is reasonable to suggest, that seen through a child's eyes, one could be forgiven for thinking that we are looking at the adult Jesus, or father, above the mother and child - the child of that father and mother, Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Why is the statue of Mary outside of the church ? Is it because she is the Magdalene, upon whom the early church passed Judgement and cast her out ? Jesus wears a robe and sash that clearly shows a specific tied knot. Is this the Masons telling us that he has 'tied the knot', a phrase that goes back to Roman days and means ' to be married'?

It is interesting to note that that the first church built on this site in 60AD was that of Mary Magdalene, destroyed to make way for the Minster in 1097. So who may be responsible for all these clues concerning the cathedral? It is thought that the Knights Templar, alleged Guardians of the Grail, through their discoveries during the Crusades formed a missing link in the chain of transmission of secret architectural knowledge. Viewed from the air, Lincoln Cathedral is in the shape of the Cross of Lorraine, the original insignia employed by the Templars. For further information regarding the Templars in Lincolnshire, view my feature at here.

Dan Green
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Lincoln Cathedral

Looking at the dog on a platter picture above I am a bit confused.  The front legs appear to resemble those of a lamb or goat.  A dogs legs bend the other way surely.

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Lincoln Cathedral

In Canterbury Cathedral there is a strange looking 'dog'like creature laying at the feet of the Black Prince's effigy.

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Re: The Mystery of Lincoln Cathedral

 This Dog Star connection does remind me of my own ‘UFO Codebook’ biblical hypothesis, although I do not strictly suggest that the bible is a coded work.  I used the word ‘codebook’ as a simplified title for a repeated theme in modern, rather than ancient, Ufology.  
At the end of the day, I have absolutely no way of telling which, if any, passages in the bible are historically valid.  Nevertheless, I have no reason to suppose that all passages in the biblical texts are fabricated.  Conversely, I have no reason to suppose that these ancient texts are entirely truthful.



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