The Mystery of Lincoln Cathedral

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3 Responses

  1. Red Don says:

    Lincoln Cathedral
    Looking at the dog on a platter picture above I am a bit confused.  The front legs appear to resemble those of a lamb or goat.  A dogs legs bend the other way surely.

  2. Domus Ventorum says:

    Lincoln Cathedral
    In Canterbury Cathedral there is a strange looking ‘dog’like creature laying at the feet of the Black Prince’s effigy.

  3. Stephen Clementson says:

    Re: The Mystery of Lincoln Cathedral
     This Dog Star connection does remind me of my own ‘UFO Codebook’ biblical hypothesis, although I do not strictly suggest that the bible is a coded work.  I used the word ‘codebook’ as a simplified title for a repeated theme in modern, rather than ancient, Ufology.  

    At the end of the day, I have absolutely no way of telling which, if any, passages in the bible are historically valid.  Nevertheless, I have no reason to suppose that all passages in the biblical texts are fabricated.  Conversely, I have no reason to suppose that these ancient texts are entirely truthful.