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Castle Hill, Thetford

Castle Hill (Castle Mound or Military Parade) is the remains of Thetford's second castle, a 12th century motte and bailey castle which replaced the towns earlier 11th century Red Castle. Possibly built by Roger Bigod (Died 9 September 1107), Castle Hill is thought to be the second largest man made earth work in England and the motte was the centre piece of the fortification, positioned here to stand guard over Thetford and the crossing of the Little Ouse River and and River Thet by the Icknield Way (Nun's Bridges).

Devil Legend
Possibly due to the large size of the of the mound there are several legends associated with it. One story is linked the creation of the nearby Devil's Ditch at Garboldisham. When the Devil had finished creating this ditch he made Castle Hill by scraping the excess dirt from his boot or spade. It is said that you can summon the Devil by walking around the hill seven times at midnight. There is also a few buried treasure legends associated with Castle Hill. It is suggested that the mound covers a huge mansion filled with treasure. Another story has five golden bells buried in the earthwork.

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