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Sinnoden Hill

Sinnoden Hill standing next to Harp hill, was once a Roman Fort during the period of their occupation. Legend suggests that there is buried treasure on the hill, hidden in Roman times in an area called the money pit.

The treasure is guarded by a Raven, one day a local villager who had heard the legend was digging in the pit when he came upon a strong Iron Chest with intricate workmanship. As he attempted to open the chest he was startled by a huge Raven, which flew down and said "He has not been born yet". The villager full of supernatural fear and taking the words to heart re-buried the treasure and returned home.

Sinnoden Hill: by Simon TophamSinnoden Hill: by Simon Topham

There are many legends of buried treasure in the British Isles, often with some kind of spectral guardian.

Sinnoden Hill: by Simon TophamSinnoden Hill: by Simon Topham

A footpath from Little Wittenham (reached via the A415 0r A4130) leads up the Hill.

Simon Topham

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