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Meon Hill, Lower Quinton

An Iron Age hill fort once stood upon Meon Hill and it has been suggested that man has lived there from the Stone Age, but it a legend concerning the formation of the hill that has attracted my attention.

Following a swine herder named Eof receiving a vision of the Virgin Mary at Evesham, the great Evesham Abbey was founded by the Bishop of Worcester Saint Egwin (Ecgwin, Ecgwine or Eegwine) (died 30 December 717) between 700 and 710 AD, upon the site of the visitation. The building of Evesham Abbey is said to have angered the Devil, who, launched a large mass of earth through the air aimed at the construction site. This huge missile was seen approaching by Saint Egwin who prayed for an intervention. His prayers were so powerful that the huge clump of soil fell from the air short of their target and is now what is known as Meon Hill.

There are stories of a Black Dog on Meon Hill which heralds the death to those seeing it. Charles Walton was found dead in 1945 at a farm known as The Firs, situated on the slopes of Meon Hill. Witchcraft was suspected in his murder. It has been suggested that the detective investigating the case was a witness to the Meon Hill Black Dog. It is worth noting that Charles Walton was also said to have seen a Black Dog on multiple occasions near Alveston.

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