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Seannachaidh (not verified)
Is vBulletin like php

Is vBulletin like php forums where you can email alerts when topics you are watching get new posts, and you can click one button and it shows you all the new posts since you last visited, or active topics in the last 7, 14, 21, days... etc.  They are good if you have eyesight problems, as you can choose a look from several choices.   I am on several of these and they work very well, and look a lot like what is here now.  I do find the speed a problem with wireless connection, I write a long post but get booted off when I hit submit.

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Agricola wrote: Can you
Agricola wrote:

Can you point us in the direction of a vBulletin example as I'm not really aware of what one is?

Sorry, I missed this posting Agricola.  vBulletin is similar to phpbb and an exampe can be found here

I don't tend to have speed issues with this website very often and most of the time the problrm is with the machine I am using.  We are debating whether to include some social network type features, where members can create their own groups, invite friends, have a message wall etc, but this would depend upon the overall affect on the website.



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