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Understanding- mediumship

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Dear friends.

This world, is a school of learning, a place where spiritual beings like ourselves can learn from the multitude of lessons, that life offers.

It would be wise to understand spiritual laws before visiting a medium, in that this world is full of karma , karma is when you expereince, a situation ,on yourself that you have inflicted on to another.

karma, is met out to you, by unseen forces, this forces will guide you to places and people that will meet out that karma , for example , william wallace [bravheart] was killed in smithfeilds meat market, in 1305, he was tortured , and well you know the rest.

the men that inflicted those atrocities, on to william ,later reincaranted 600 years later as 5 prostitutes, in a place called white chapel london, william wallace reincaranted as the man called jack the ripper.

william wallaces soul then , took the lives of those girls , in whitechapel ,as a karmic repayment, for the torture they inflicted on to him . 600 years earlier.[check william walaces execution, on youtube, then look at the victims , they all died in similar ways]

what ever you experience in life today , especialy if its hardship or negativity, it is a good indication that you inflicted the same on to others in previous lives. but thats not just the negative, if you gave a million pound to yourmother in this life from a lotto win and , then reincarnated , chances are that person wilkl reincarante ata similar time and return the favlour,

if you was a clairvoyant medium, and you abused your gifts or told lies to people and gave false promise especialy for monetary gain, you will have that returned to you, many people get a great deal from clairvoyants , and get many loving messages , i have had many messages , ive felt great love from a few of them , but others where lies , the reason for this , was becuase in previous lives, when i died , as a ghost i communicated with the living through mediums .

when doing so i lied and took on the form ,of other peoples grandparents , and gave false promise , many mischievious spirits have done similar things , and so in this life i got paid back, at my local spiritualist church.

the spiritualist church and other clairvoyants are only there , not just to provide proof of an after life but alos as away of paying back karma to people . karma does not stop , you can bad mouth a dead person from history , and they will pay you back in equal measure, weather through a bad dream , or some other form.

the spiritualist movement , is neither evil nore good , it is just a reflection of the individual, some find it great others find it a betrayle.

mediumship is what it is , just take what feels right ,and disgard the rest , and if you dont get satisfaction from your readings then your not meant too you get what your given for a reason , its karmic law.

all is just in the eyes of god.


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