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Knights Templar and Devil Worship

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The fact that many Templars

The fact that many Templars were well trained and experienced knights may have played a part in their relatively benign treatment in Scotland. The Kingdom had always been lamentably short on heavy horse and every lance was welcome, particulary during that period of strife with the Angevin kings of England.
Marshall Keith's horse at Bannockburn is said to have contained a contingent of Templar knights but this has never substantiated and may be a later fabrication.

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"Louhi spoke in riddled tones of three things to achieve: find and catch the Devil's Moose and bring it here to me. Seize the Stallion born of Fire, harness the Golden Horse. He captured and bound the Moose, he tamed the Golden Horse. Still there remained one final task: hunt for the Bird from the Stream of Death"

-Kalevala, Rune XIII-

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There were Templar Knights

There were Templar Knights on both sides.

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Re: Knights Templar and Devil Worship

but weren't the knights protecters of the holy grail?

if so only three were picked so the rest must have been angry that they were not don't u think therefore the devil had a way in didn't he if they were angry they were opening there minds to the devils ( also known as lucifer,ambross,asmoedus,beezle-budd and the witch) influence also a tablet was found that was attached to a stone tablet half of it had three knights and the grail the other had templar knights along with a horned creature wearing a robe standing on top of a font while it was on fire!


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Re: Knights Templar and Devil Worship

The History Channel and National Geographic channel in the US has done dozens of pieces on the Templars...and I am sympathetic towards them. I'm even interested in Sinclair's Tower in Narragansett has all the hall marks of a Templar church...although its been called a flour mill by others.

Along these same lines...Oak Island in Canada has something called the Money Pit and these is some thought it could hide the lost Templar Treasure. 

I've even pondered the idea that the Narragansett Pacer may have been founded on Viking/Icelandic horses brought here by Sinclair.

This is all speculation....but when you can follow a clear does excite my imagination. My father was a 32 degree Mason...and the Masons honor the old Templars.
Gotta love guy who tells the king of France and the pope that he'd see them both in hell.



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