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Greetings & and current story

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Hello - my screen name is Hisame and I am new to this site. I look forward to getting to know you all. I have never been on an investigation (although I would love to) but I have A LOT of experiences and stories to tell.
This is my most recent one;

My boyfriend and I rent an old conversion house on the landlord's property and our kitchen window looks out onto our front garden (which is actually more of a courtyard). The only windows are the ones that look out from the kitchen and the frosted basement window of the landlords house, the others are on the 2nd floor and can't be seen. This doesn't make much sense I know but bear with me. 
  I had been in the kitchen during the day and I kept seeing someone (a man) standing and watching me or else flitting backwards and forwards. I saw this out of my peripheral vision but when I turned to look (and I usually jumped as the figure was moving) there was no-one there. I thought one time it was homeless man whom I have often seen in the neighbourhood who bobs up and down and looks in drains for cigarette butts. Last week my boyfriend told me about a dream he had and tried to wake me up about where he was talking to his father. His father passed away when my boyfriend was about fourteen and in this dream (which he said seemed very real) he was telling him about his grandmother and what has been happening with her (she has Alzheimers and will have to go into a care home). Since then I haven't seen the figure outside. 
  Another odd occurance involving my boyfriend's father is that sometimes a strong smell of cigarette smoke can be smelt (I am not sure if my boyfriend has smelt it but I have). Neither of us are smokers or are around smokers and to get that strong a smell in the house you would have to either be in it or directly under the windows - we are set somewhat back from the street and no-one in my landlord's family smokes. After my boyfriend had told me about his dream we prepared to go in to town, I waited outside for him and went to stand in the place where I saw the figure. I got a sense of sadness from the spot.    

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Re: Greetings & and current story

Hi Hisame welcome to the website :).  Please do keep us informed of any developments.

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Re: Greetings & and current story

Hello Hisame that was an interesting set of experiences and I wondered about the structure of your property. What I mean is, you say it's a conversion does that mean building work has or is still ongoing and if so do you think structural disturbances might be related to your sightings?


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Re: Greetings & and current story

There are no current building works on the property and what did take place took place years before we moved in. It used to be an old stable block which was rennovated for habitation and as someone whose family who has been around horses for centuries I know that my kitchen was the tack room, my front room the stalls, upstairs the hayloft.
It's not the first house I have lived in that has had things like this happen - and it won't be the last.

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