Country and County: Cheshire


M6 Puma (2021)

The following is extracted from a Gloucestershire Live article by Daisy Herman and Kim Horton, entitled ‘Big cat seen ‘waiting to pounce’ on side of motorway’ was published on 4 December 2021. ‘Out of...


Ince Marshes Big Cat (February 2021)

The following account was reported on by Olivia Williams in a Cheshire Live article dated 02/02/2021. ‘A ‘suspected ‘big cat’ sighting was reported in Ellesmere Port on December 16, by a worker named Andy....


Chester Meadows Big Cat (January 2021)

The most recent ‘big cat’ sighting was on January 14 at around 8am, when a woman claims she heard a “really deep growl” as she was taking her new puppy on a walk on...


Chester Meadows Big Cat (December 2020)

A suspected ‘big cat’ sighting was reported on December 13 [2020] on the Chester Meadows…. Richard Evans said he took the photograph of the mysterious creature as he was heading back into the city...


Whitby Park Big Cat (February 2021)

The following account was reported in Cheshire Live by Olivia Williams in an article entitled ‘Cheshire woman describes encounter with ‘big cat’ as reported sightings continue’ (02/02/2021) The woman was walking her dog in...


Lyceum Theatre, Crewe

The current Lyceum Theatre building in Crewe dates back to 1911 though the theatre has been on the site since 1876, when it originally opened in a converted Roman Catholic Church which had been...


Redesmere, Siddington

A floating island with an attached legend could once be found at Redesmere in the grounds of Capesthorne Hall. The following description by Robert Charles Hope is published in The Legendary Lore of the...


Moor Well, Dodleston

Robert Charles Hope recounts the following tale of the Moor Well in The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells (1893). ‘The boundaries of the parish were marked by a series of wells, which used...

Old Brine, Nantwich

On Ascension Day, the old inhabitants of Nantwich piously sang a hymn of thanksgiving for the blessing of the Brine.

Bag or Black Mere

Robert Charles Hope gives the following description of Bag Mere in ‘The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells’ (1893). "Before any heir of this [Brereton] family dies, there are seen in a lake adjoyning, the bodies of trees swimming upon the water for several days together." — [Camden : Brit. (Gibson’s ed.), i. 677.]