Country and County: Kirkcudbrightshire


Headless Lady of Buckland Glen

In the Dundrennan district of Kirkcudbright a persisted belief lingers concerning a headless lady haunting the Buckland Glen. The following narrative which has been handed down lends an increased interest to the tradition:— Long...


Bogle-Hole, Dalry

The following account appeared in J Maxwell Wood’s ‘Witchcraft and Superstitious Record in the South-Western District of Scotland’ which was published in 1911.  ‘In the village of Dalry itself there stood a row of...


Phantom Piper of Corsock

“Many years ago a drover, while making his way north and crossing that wild and thinly populated district which lies between the head of the parish of Parton and the Moor of Corsock had...


Glenlee Park

In his book ‘Witchcraft and Superstitious Record in the South-Western District of Scotland (1911)’, J Maxwell Wood extracted the following details from the Winter 1900 edition of the Gallovidian, concerning haunt like experiences at...


Kirkdale Bridge

A white lady was said to haunt Kirkdale Bridge. The Bridge dates from around 1787 and was designed by Robert Adam. The bridge was not built to the grandeur of his original plan, which...


A75 Creetown to Gatehouse

‘Between Kirkdale House and Cassencarry, on the beautiful sea-girt road leading from Creetown to Gatehouse, there stood many years ago a little cottage in a sequestered situation among the woods, where a young girl...

The Two Young Ploughmen

"You have been often at the Gatehouse," said Johnny Nicholson; "well, you’ll mind a flat piece of land near Enrick farm; well, that was once a large loch; a long way down from there is still the ruin of a mill, which at that time was fed from this loch.


Changelings In The Borders

Edwin Sidney Hartland gives the following account of Dumfries and Galloway Changelings in his ‘The Science of Fairy Tales’ (1891). ‘A Kirkcudbrightshire tale represents a child as once left in charge of a tailor, who "commenced a discourse" with him. "’Will, hae ye your pipes?’ says the tailor. ‘They’re below my head,’ says the tenant of the cradle.

Rerrick Poltergeist 1695

Not much now remains of the scene where this famous case took place, with just a single skeletal tree marking the location of the Ring Plantation at Ringcroft of Stocking where in 1695 the home of Andrew Mackie in the parish of Rerrick was reputedly haunted by a poltergeist and this caused a stir in Scotland after the case was published in a pamphlet by the local minister.