Specific Location: Worthing


Miller’s Tomb

John Oliver built his tomb, known as the ‘Miller’s Tomb’, at Highdown Hill while he was still alive. It is said that he wanted to be buried in it upside down so as to...


Cissbury Ring Tunnel Legend

According to an article in the Worthing Herald dated 27th October 2016, a ‘legend surrounds a tunnel while supposedly led from the (now-demolished) medieval Offington Hall to the Iron Age hill fort at Cissbury...


Cobden Road, Worthing (1931)

‘One family, who had recently moved into their new home in Worthing’s Cobden Road in 1931, were terrified by figures of monks, slamming doors and heavy footsteps. Evidence seemed to suggest that the house...


St Mary’s Church, Broadwater

‘Be careful if you have any plans to go for your evening jog around the churchyard in Broadwater – legend says that if you run around the oldest tomb in the yard, the devil...

Goring-by-Sea Dancing Ghost

The following article entitled ‘Ghostly Goring scared out of its wits’ was published in the Worthing Herald, on Tuesday 30 October 2007. It concerns a spree of ghost sightings in Goring-by-Sea at the end of the 1920’s. The article mentions that sightings took place around Goring Hall.

Jack Upperton’s Gibbet

This is a fasinating chapter in the past history of an English Highwayman by the name of JACK UPPERTON, who made his final stand against a mail delivery coach with his accomplice (believed to be his brother by some) and robbed the coach of its contents.