Arbor Low Stone Circle

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5 Responses

  1. Awen says:

    Re: Arbor Low Stone Circle
    One of my favourite stone circles. must of been amazing in its day, awesome sight & isolated place, worth a visit to the farm to see it

  2. AlexV says:

    Re: Arbor Low Stone Circle
    Wow! This is really amazing. For Archeologists and Historians, it is always good to know and found places like this. Anyway, Arbor is a Latin word meaning tree, so I don’t know if the place has a connection with Arbor Day. Arbor Day is a day where people are encouraged to plant a tree to help save our environment.

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Arbor Low Stone Circle
    Hi Alex, welcome to the website and thank you for your comments.  I am glad you like the site.  Your comment has started me wondering when the circle was actually named and when some of  our other ancient sites were given their names.

  4. simonmiller says:

    Re: Arbor Low Stone Circle
    English Heritage say  "The name Arbor Low appears to derive from ‘Eorthburg Hlaw’, meaning ‘earthwork mound’."
    However it is interesting to note the latin word for tree as this sounds more plausable to me.
    Maybe the Romans renamed it for some reason.

  5. ari says:

    Re: Arbor Low Stone Circle
    Hi to you all.Please take another good look at Arbor Low stone ring from the air (eg.,with Google Earth)and see if you find, like me, that it looks more like a Heart Symbol than a circle.I have posted further information about this evidence and the ‘Ancient Symbolism within the Heart’ on my web site/blog