Caractacus Stone

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2 Responses

  1. Cunobelinus says:

    Re: Caractacus Stone
    The name "Caractacus is only Roman insofar as it is the Latin version of  "Caradoc", an ancient British chieftain who led resistance against the Romans and was eventually captured and paraded through the streets of Rome. He was the son of another famous chieftain, Cunobelinus, from whom I took my handle. It wouldn’t surprise me if therefore there are legends associated with Caractacus told about this stone. 

  2. Cunobelinus says:

    Re: Caractacus Stone

    I have just read online, following my previous comment, that the stone takes its name from a Latin inscription in the base of the stone which reads "CARA(T)ACI NEPVS", meaning "a descendantof Caractacus, indicating that the stone could have been dedicated by or to someone who believed themselves to be of Caractacus’ bloodline.