Chanctonbury Ring

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Chanctonbury Ring
    The following information was e-mailed in by a reader:

    Chanctonbury Ring in Chanctonbury, West Sussex has a very eerie feel to it. Even to people who aren’t aware of the legends associated with it, it can feel very eerie.

    There is a legend associated with Chanctonbury Ring, that is if you run around the iron age fort on the top of the hill at midnight on Midsummer’s Eve, The Devil himself will appear and offer you a bowl of porridge, however, in no circumstances should any person accept the porridge, is if
    they do so, The Devil may take their soul in exchange for the bowl of Porridge. It is also believed that when he appears, he may grant you dearest wish.

    It is also thought that for a woman sleeping under any of the ring’s many trees, it can increase fertility.

  2. senua says:

    Re: Chanctonbury Ring
    The Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men dance here on May Day morning.