Selection Of Big Cat Sightings (2001 – 2011)

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  1. martinwall says:

    Re: Selection Of Big Cat Sightings (2001 – 2011)
    There have been many sightings of large black panther like creatures in south staffordshire, but the most interesting one I recall is the sighting by a local policeman of what he swore to be a European Lynx on the sheepwalks near Enville a few miles from Kinver. The thinking was that these wild cats were released into obscure rural areas by their owners following the dangerous animals act in the hope that they could prey on small deer, sheep and rabbits. It is a little unfortunate that the gazeteer for staffordshire cuts off the area of south staffordshire where I live (Kinver). Is there any way of addressing this? I have many more wierd and wonderful tales to tell if so!