Sheep Road, Cirencester Big Cat Sighting (2006)

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Sheep Road, Cirencester Big Cat Sighting (2006)

    Another article by Di Alexander entitled ‘Big cat sightings sparks off debate once again’ that appeared in the Stroud News and Journal on 22 September 2006 mentioned the above case and briefly…..

    Here is an extract:
    THE most recent sighting of a large, lion-coloured feline animal in Cirencester by teacher Rob Carmichael (The Standard, September 14) has brought the big cat issue into the public eye once again, just a year after we published a CCTV footage picture of a large black animal on a zebra crossing near Cirencester Hospital.

    Although big cat sightings are reported from many parts of the country, there is no doubt that many of these are in the Cotswolds and North Wiltshire.

    In the last few years there have been sightings around Malmesbury and in Highworth, South Cerney, Tetbury, Chedworth, Minchinhampton, the Cotswold Water Park and several in Cirencester itself, particularly in the summer and autumn of 2005.