The Aldworth Giants

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  1. padim says:

    Re: The Aldworth Giants
    These gians could have been ancestors of Frya’s Children. She was 7 foot tall and carried a 7 foot sword. These ancient Frisian women cut off their left breast in order to wear their swords. The men as well were 7 foot or better…there is always a piece of truth to all folk lore…one just has to dig deep enough into ancient histories to find these ancient treasures.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: The Aldworth Giants
    The Legend of the ‘Aldworth Giants’

    On visiting the church of St Mary’s I realized that the nine giant effigies were similar to those in the Temple Church in London and saw that, as in the case of Sir Philip De La Beche (Aldworth), the effigy had crossed legs and was therefore likely to be Knight Templar; six of the Aldworth effigies, as in London have crossed legs When the original Knights Templar returned from excavating under Temple Mount in Jerusalem they brought back much treasure that was concealed at various locations known only to those Knights and successive Grand Masters.

    The secret of the treasure sites was recorded on the Chess Board which symbol became the Templar Banner. Each of the sites was symbolised by a chess piece. In the case of Sir Philip De La Beche (the elder) he is seen as the white King and goes on his black square. Lady Isabella De La Beche is the Black Queen. One of the effigies holds the key to the ‘Great Secret of the Knight Templar’.

    In reality then it would appear that the same clues seen in London have been set out at Aldworth and therefore makes the story the ‘Giants’ tell all the more intriguing. There is however one other part to the story.

    Originally there were ten effigies at Aldworth; the tenth was in the arched recess in the south wall of the church, but was lost during renovation works. I believe it found its way to St Lawrence’s Church Hungerford where it is known as Sir Robert De Hungerford. In my opinion the Hungerford ‘Sir Robert’ is ‘identical’ to Sir Philip De La Beche (the elder)at Aldworth.

    (Booklet – ‘The Aldworth Giants’ – Geoffrey Morgan)