A request from a journalist

A request from a journalist

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Hi Martyn, welcome to the
    Hi Martyn, welcome to the website.  I think your idea is a good one and in fact we have been discussing the possibility of producing little county guides with small tours in for a while.  Our gazateer should be able to give you plenty of potential ideas.

    Saddleworth in Oldham/Greater Manchester has quiet a few sites in close proximity.  We also cover North Yorkshire. Cornwall and Cumbria quite extensively, so they could have some potential.

    • Nervous Rambler says:

      Hello Ian. Good to hear from you.

      Anybody know anything about the deserted medieval village at Wharram Percy in Yorkshire?

      That looks promising but I’d prefer one or two other "attractions" close by.


  2. Nervous Rambler says:

    One more thing…
    I have been offered lots of help from the commercial ghost-hunt community, for which I am very grateful. But the point of the article is to walk somewhere for free, without the showbiz or the guide. They look lots of fun, but this is something a bit different.

  3. Ian Topham says:

    I’ll see what I dig up about

    I’ll see what I dig up about Wharram Percy.  There are many potential locations throughout the British Isles that woud be suitable for walks, but the stories or evidence for many of them can be classed as little more than folklore……though still great to visit.  Some locations are of course private property, though I dare say you could include some that are tourist attractions into your walk and give the walkers themslves the choice whether to pay to enter or walk on by.

  4. Daniel Parkinson says:

    The Cornwall Coast would be
    The Cornwall Coast would be a good start point especially the Southern tip, which is full of sites, also Dartmoor which is packed full of traditions/folklore, sites and is a popular walking location anyway. Then you could move on to Islands where sites are closer packed: The Isle of Wight, Arran, Orkney etc. Loads of possibilities there if you can travel.

  5. Ian Topham says:

    You might want to consider
    You might want to consider Derbyshire/Peak District, maybe around Castleton.  I think there are  a few haunted pubs in Castleton we have not got around to writing about yet.