Crop Circle Connections?

Crop Circle Connections?

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  1. Mauro says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    Try have a look at this site:

    In Distortion We Trust

  2. Red Don says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    Sorry I have been away for a while everyone.  Good link above Mauro.

    I think this idea has merit, in the sense of taking a type of phenomena and mapping it’s spread over time to discover any trends etc. But I don’t think doing it with crop circles is a good idea. Firstly, if we believe the wood cutting od the mowing devil produced hundreds of years ago, then we would need details on every crop circle produced in every country going back about three hundred years or more with enough evidence about each circle to determine whether it was created by man or not. This information is not avaialble and if we start now, manage to plot it all, decipher the code and translate the message, all we might get is:

    [quote]….e know how that Transwrap formula works out and the cure for global warming.

    Kind regards

    Alien Bob

    PS. Pop by and see me anytime at the above address.[/quote]

    How do you tell if one is not man made and if one found ten years ago was also not man made? Personally I think they all are. It is a bit like with orbs, you hear people say "Ok, orbs are made of dust, I accept that, but what about the spiritual orbs, how do you explain those?" Easy, they are all dust. Same with crop circles, I think they are all man made. I know some people say that those types of shapes could not be man made. Lets face it, the same people probably say the Egyptians could not build the pyramids and ancient man could not have built Stonehenge. Well they did, and someone somewhere could make the fancier crop circles.

    If there is a natural explanation for them, like ball ligtning or a cloud of some kind of energy, then crop circles made up of all these fantastic designs we get must be fake.

    If it is aliens making them, then I ask you, what are they playing at? Pictures in the sand cereal crop. Since the mowing devil we have progressed a thousand fold in communications technology, so why do they still draw pictures in crops? Besides, this is criminal damage and when they reveal themselves I hope we lock them up for a long time. What are they? Alien hoodies coming to Earth to tag one of our fields? Do we want to make first contact with the scum of the galaxy? I don’t!!

    Has anyone considered that they may be a farmers version of the prates ‘Black Spot’ and there is an ancient order of Cereal Farmers giving crytic messages to each other?

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    Hi Aurora10, welcome to the website and forum.  It would certainly hinge on whether you can identify which crop circles are fakes and which are not, however, I don’t know enough about crop circles as a subject and I am not really sure whether there are any that are not man made.  What is it about crop circles that make people think they ae not man made?

  4. Mauro says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    I too believe all circles to be man-made: mostly by hoaxers and sensation-seekers, a few by artists working on a different type of canvas and then there are a few more which can be described as "undetermined". This last category includes the ones which are alleged (and I cannot stress this point enough, very little work has been done on these particular circles) to have been manufactured by using a source of energy (microwaves?) to heat and bend the plant stalks instead of the customary home-made methods. Even if this were real it doesn’t hint at an extraterrestrial or occult presence: this is very earthly technology, well known since the ’40s. There have been a few cases with extremely peculiar and unexplainable physical traces left on plants (Valensole to quote but one) but they were never associated with crop circles.

    PS: how can I join the Ancient Order of Cereal Farmers? Are there any priviliges for members? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In Distortion We Trust

  5. helenoftheways says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    I wonder how many of you have actually been to/experienced a crop circle? Interested to know!

    I went to one this year (in June), close to the White Horse near Avebury, and went as a sceptic! But I have come away from it totally convinced that this amazingly complex circle(s) could not possibly have been made by a couple of blokes with a wooden plank!! For a start, at ground level, you could barely see it – if I hadn’t known it was there, I would have driven past. There was definitely strange energy there – my pendulum & dowsing rod were going wild! My dowsing told me the energy there was not earth energy, not radiation, but electromagnetic & from outside our galaxy!!!


  6. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    Hi Helen, welcome to the website. I must admit that I have not managed to get to a crop circle to experience one myself.

    [quote=helenoftheways]There was definitely strange energy there – my pendulum & dowsing rod were going wild! My dowsing told me the energy there was not earth energy, not radiation, but electromagnetic & from outside our galaxy!!! :)[/quote]

    I cannot really accept that dowsing is a suitable method of identifying types of energy though, especially ones not common on Earth. 

  7. helenoftheways says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?
    Then we have little to discuss, Ian.
    I joined this forum thinking I would encounter folks with open minds. Silly me.

  8. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Crop Circle Connections?

    Hi Helen, just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean it is correct or should be taken as gospel and I am sure there are other readers who will be more intune with your experiences. 

    Personally I want to exactly what is going on with crop circles whether they be fake or not.  The only way to get clear answers as far as I am concerned is to take a scientific approach and using dowsing is not scientific I am afraid.