Northumberland Coast UFOs?

Northumberland Coast UFOs?

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  1. ebob1506 says:

    Re: Northumberland Coast UFOs?
    the new commanche attack helicopter is supposed to be very quiet though why any of those would be up north when most army aviation is around salisbury is beyond me and also commanche is american development.

  2. Mauro says:

    Re: Northumberland Coast UFOs?
    RAF Boulmer is not very far from Amble: it hosts Sea King SAR helicopters which can fly in all weather conditions: perhaps you can phone or write and ask if there’s any activity which may account for your sightings. SAR operations are not covered by military secrecy.
    A SAR helicopter is fitted with very powerful searchlights that may account for your sightings.

    As for noise, modern military aircrafts are very quiet, much quieter than their civilian counterparts. I can vouch for that: I have observed a C130J/Hercules C5 carrying out trial runs at an airport and I simply could not believe how quiet it was.
    Helicopters are even quieter. I live near a flightpath used by helicopter ambulances and I thought the MBK117 and Dauphin used nowadays were very quiet, at least compared to the old Jet Rangers and Alouettes which made an infernal racket. That was until I saw an old CH53 heavylift helicopter. I don’t remember if it was German or American but it was incredibly quiet despite being a Vietnam War vintage design: it could have been a Special Operations model, fitted with different engines and propellers. But modern day gunships are unearthly quiet. I saw Apaches, Cobras and Mangustas and I still don’t believe how quiet they are. Yes, I know they are designed to be quiet because of NATO requirements (hovering just above the tree line to take out Soviet armor in Central Europe without too much fanfare) but I am still amazed.

  3. Mysteryshopper says:

    Re: Northumberland Coast UFOs?
    [quote=Aurora10]Does anyone know about the Northumberland Coast UFOs? In the early evening I usually see one or two lights appear looking down towards Amble, though they could be further south as it’s impossible to tell. They seems to be some hearsay about lights over Northumberland, so I was wondering if anyone else has seen them, or knows what they are[/quote]

    Can you borrow some binoculars or a telescope?