Dowsing rods

Dowsing rods

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Dowsing rods
    Personally I would not as it would not be very scientific.  It is not even scientifically accepted that they work. 

    It would be better to do a good investigation into dowsing, than accept they work and then use them as tool to investigate a paranormal case such a haunting for instance.

  2. Darkfaery says:

    Re: Dowsing rods
     Hi Ian,

    I have experimented with the use of dowsing rods in the past. I have used them for Archeological dowsing as well as experimental work on investigations.

    It is thought that Ideomotor action could be one explanation for their movement. But I would think that would probably only account for their use in a routine question and answering experiment. Bearing this in mind I carried out the following experiment.

    I was blindfolded and put into a room with three people. These 3 people each spoke their name out loud in turn. They then moved their positions in the room so that I could not tell where they were standing. Once they had stopped moving and the room was silent again I askedfor the rods to show me where each member was standing. I said a name out loud, gave the rods time to move and then went on to the next name and so on.

    After I had asked for the position of the last person the blindfold was removed and was told that the rods had been 100% accurate.

    I would be interested to know your thoughts on this.

  3. PhenomInvestigator says:

    Re: Dowsing rods
    One interpretation of quantum philosophy is that quantum mechanics rigorously and mathematically describes why and how we acquire knowledge. The inference is that if we ask Nature a question, we will get a reliable response no matter who we are or when we ask the question. This appears to be why experiments work most of the time. Asking the wrong question produces a slightly different answer for example.

    It is known from Helstroism that subjects will produce subtle responses when asked questions to which neither they nor the experimenter know the true answers. The subject’s subconscious mind seems to be able to get the real answers. This is done by asking a question and then asking which of 4 or 5 potential answers is correct. While the subject does not know, subtle reactions they produce reliably indicate the right answer. This suggests that we have a way to know the answers to any question we might pose. The implications of this little-known research is astounding.

    Given all of this, dowsing may be viewed in a completely different light. Yes, it is a subtle muscular response. And that is where skeptics typically leave it – explained, done, no more to be said. But when we recognize the deeper subtleties, we come to realize that the dowsing reaction is very likely indicating something much more profound and suddenly the skeptics’ “explanation” is far less satisfactory.

    Anomalous Phenomena is Unexplained not Impossible

    Psi is Subtle not Absolute

    Anything is possible, it’a all a matter of Probability

  4. Darkfaery says:

    Re: Dowsing rods
     Hi Phenominvestigator,
    Thank you for your response. It opens up the debate about dowsing rods. Your remark about a dowsers subconscious somehow being able to detect a right answer is very interesting. As with the experiment I outlined previously I was blindfolded so was unable to know what the right answer was. Something else made that decision for me. So are we saying that that ‘something else’ is spiritual or some kind of latent ability probably found in all of us to access this part of our subconscious in certain conditions.


  5. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Dowsing rods

    Some years back I was involved in a dowsing experiment.  There are a few large stones in a field in the Lake District which some people believe may be the remains of a stone circle.  Years earlier a professional dowser surveyed the field and created a map of where the other stones would have been in this circle.  He was using dowsing to pinpoint the locations of the missing stones.

    We took two dowsers to the field, seperately.  They had no idea where they they were going.  With each dowser was an experiemnt facilitator who explained what they were expected to do once they got there.  The facilitator also filmed their work from a distance.

    Each dowser would then draw out their own maps which were sealed in an envelope.

    The dowsing society claimed that anyone could dowse accurately.  Therefore we should have three identical maps.  The original and the two from the experiment.

    We had three differant maps each with three differant amounts of stones.  Stones that may or may not have existed given that it may not have even been a stone circle to begin with.

    I must admit I am not convinced with dowsing at the moment and any experiment done is only as good as the control measures put in place.  It also has to be repeatable by other people.  I am impressed with your results Darkfaery, but will everybody be able to get the same results with the rods time and time again.

    Unfortunately 100% accurate, 100% of the time, regardless to who uses them, they are not.

  6. Darkfaery says:

    Re: Dowsing rods
    Hi Ian,
    I too have done archeological dowsing. Whilst it is very interesting it does produce variable results. With this type of dowsing a lot is dependant on the question that is  asked of the rods. There is also the problem of whether you are picking up the eventual resting place of the stones if they fallen or whether you are picking up their original place within a circle. In the experiment that you have outlined I would imagine that a set question was given to each participant, that being so then their answers  in theory should have been be the same. but they weren’t.

    I agree that they are not always accurate. I have also found that you have to go with the first response they give you. It seems that if you start to question a response the answer sometimes changes. But I also find that this happens when you go to a location and start to sense an energy without using rods. . If you are given information, such as a name or age, that initial response is the one you seem to have to work with. So is it something in our subconscious is responsible for these responses, something that we cannot control or influence, or are we using spiritual guidance?