Spirit. Voice contact

Spirit. Voice contact

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2 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Spirit. Voice contact
    Good question Darkfaery, but I think we are a long way from knowing an answer for sure.  It would be interesting to know exactly what is going on when it comes to clarvoyance or mediumship.  Many times I am convinced that mediums (apart from the fakes) don’t really know themselves, just accepting whatever they are told is happening by whatever grup or association they are part of.  I’m interested in finding out exactly what is happening during contact with ‘spirit’, as this is the only we could confirm a) whether it is genuine and b) what the mechanics are behind it.  

    For instance you mentioned that ‘spirit resonates at a different vibrational level to ourselves’.  How does anyone know this if the existance of spirit is not yet proven and it has not been measured in some way? I think once we know exactly what is happening then we may be able to look at devising methods of communication if it is possible to do so at all.  Another problem is that there is no real evidence that EVP allows communication yet.

    There have been a few spirituslist mediums in my family so I am not one of these people who are quick to dismiss it.  Even if they are not having spiritual contact, I am convinced that some are having some kind of strange experience that makes them believe they are.

    I wonder how many differant theories exist for how spirits communicate with us and why we can’t hold a normal conversation with them yet?

  2. Darkfaery says:

    Re: Spirit. Voice contact
     Hi Ian,
    Just a thought. If we are able to converse with spirit (allegedly) why is it thought that we need to use a spirit guide? Popular thought is that they act as a mediator to interpret messages that we are not able to understand. So if this is not due to resonnence what might be the other reasons?
     apart from maybe censorship?