How does an atheist’s mind work?

How does an atheist’s mind work?

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  1. Leekduck says:

    Re: How does an atheist’s mind work?
    Athiest’s only believe that there is no god, there not completely emotionless, they have morals. Essentialy they do things for the same reason anyone does anything.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: How does an atheist’s mind work?
    And don’t think that being an athiest means no ghosts.  If ghosts turn out not to be spirits, that does not mean they don’t exist and are not a fascinating area of study.  

  3. Neil Boothman says:

    Re: How does an atheist’s mind work?
    In a way, being "sort of lost" is what atheism is all about! Religion was kind of like an early attempt at philosophy – the first attempts to explain life, death, the universe and everything, until we developed enough to have philosophy – meaning through dialect.

    The feelings and questions you are asking represent the healthy, cathartic process of graduating from theist believer to philosopher.

    The next question you should ask yourself is: Theists require the existence of an external moral power or supernatural deity to give life meaning; atheists apparently, do not. Why is this?

  4. Mysteryshopper says:

    Re: How does an atheist’s mind work?
    [quote=Englishpsychic] Having almost become an atheist myself, I feel sort of lost. Religion was a strong part of my life for so many years. Now that there is no religion, no god, no ghosts, no afterlife, no nothing, I am at a loss. [/quote]

    These subjects don’t stand or fall together. You might decide there is no compelling evidence for the existence of any gods but there is for ghosts or an afterlife.

    [quote]What then is the meaning and purpose of life? How does an atheist define the meaning of life? What motivates him/her to go on with life? [/quote]

    You could ask, what is the meaning of life if there IS a god? The meaning of any life is about what you do with it, irrespective of what you believe. You can make the world better for your being in it either way.

  5. MacNova says:

    Re: How does an atheist’s mind work?
     I’m not sure I understand atheism at all… A person choses to believe in a god or godess and an atheist wants proof of existance… of a belief? If I paint a black dot on a blank canvas and call it a polar bear in a snow storm… Do I need proof? could I prove it? A fine song I say I love it… Can I prove that? I look at a cloudy sky and see a cloud shaped like a pig… and sombody else see a cow in the same cloud… and he wants me to prove its a pig… or his is right its a cow…Not very practical…