Haunted Windmills

Haunted Windmills

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Haunted Windmills
    Pluckley has/had a reputedly haunted windmill.  Some of the Pluckley hauntings are of doubtful validity so it may not count.

  2. Leekduck says:

    Dutch Windmill, Minnesota, USA
    After looking around, I found this


    The Dutch Windmill, Near Minnestota Lake, (USA, Yes I know its not in britain but it is the only haunted windmill I could find), This now ruined windmill was built by a Dutch Immigrant to the states named Gottlieb Shastag, Shastag built the windmill nearly completely from scratch. He had no notes or experience in building but managed to build the windmill from memory’s of his fathers windmill (In Holland). Shastag put a door on every side of the windmill to that nobody would ever be hit by one of the blades, The top of the windmill could rotate to face the wind aswell. Due to grain and flour bieng imported from nearby towns anyway, Shastag’s windmill was used to grind food for stock.

    At one point, Gottlieb Shastag stopped letting people other then hisself into the windmill. Saying that there was a Demon inside the Windmill. Shastag claimed that one of his enemy’s had placed a curse on the windmill, After five years, Shastag managed to chase out the ‘Demon’ Witch had taken the form of a black rabbit. After this incident, Gottlieb Shastag became a recluse and Boarded up all of the doors to the windmill, apart from one. Shastag would later die of injury’s caused by bieng hit by one of the windmill’s blades as he walked out the door. People claim that the Demon that tormented the Millar has returned to the windmill, for this reason, people refused to work in the windmill, and it is now largely a ruin.

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Haunted Windmills
    Thats a great find Leekduck.  We do have quite a lot of American cases and indeed cases from around the world on the site, so no need to apologise.

  4. Leekduck says:

    Re: Haunted Windmills