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3 Responses

  1. Leekduck says:

    Re: Interviews
    Do you run a ghost-investigation group, Mr.Topham?

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Interviews
    [quote=Leekduck]Do you run a ghost-investigation group, Mr.Topham?[/quote]

    At the moment I don’t actually run a group Leekduck.  I was one of the founder members of ASSAPs Northern Group but, as you’ll no doubt find if your involved with this topic long enough, people join, participate a while, realise it is not all sitting up in spooky castles, further realise that the chances of them having an actual paranormal experience are slim and then get bored and leave. 

    So at the moment I have a short list of people I know I can call in to assist on any investigations and I am happy to assist any groups out there, but I don’t actually run one.   It may be an idea to one day put together a Mysterious Britain Team or maybe have monthly or quarterly meetings.

  3. Red Don says:

    Re: Interviews
    How about;

    Nick Pope
    Yvette Fielding
    Derek Accorah
    Rev Lionel Fanthorpe