Paranormal group in lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire

Paranormal group in lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire

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  1. Flealess says:

    Re: Paranormal group in lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire
     Hi there, 

    Just a quick line to say hi there, and say the idea of forming a paranormal research/investigation group sounds good. 
     The house I am living in has had me, wondering if I am going slightly mad at times, due to unexpected things occuring at random times. For example.

    Both myself and partner have seen on seperate ocassions a black mass moving in the bedroom. She saw it move pass the foot of the bed. I saw a Rugby ball sized shape fly down stairs.

    Sounds like the crashing of wood being tipped out of a box on to the floor (This was about 2 weeks ago). Another metallic sound not unlike the sound of the front of the combi boiler being ripped off. Metallic taps.

    A bottle on top of the fridge moving from left to right (3 inches) this was also last week.

    These events have been a catylist for my personal study of the paranormal. Have also invisted in a cheap emf meter, average reading is about 1.5 miligaus. However by front window it rises to about 4.5. I can attribute this to the nearby phone exchange, with its attendant mobile phone mast.

    Cheers Flea

  2. bizziebecks says:

    Re: Paranormal group in lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire
    Hi, there is a private members paranormal group based in Chatteris, PE16. Membership is £10 per year and the cost of investigations at hired venues is split equally between those attending. We also undertake private investigations for homes and businesses. Check out Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators on facebook.