What are Ley Lines?

What are Ley Lines?

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: What are Ley Lines?
    I must admit I am not convinced about ley lines.  They are meant to be lines of energy but the key questions have to be what energy?  Why cannot it be measured scientifically if it is there?

  2. indiagold says:

    Re: What are Ley Lines?
    Fantastic question! there are a number of theories.

    Alfred Watkins was a businessman in Herefordshire in the 1920’s and he had a revelation that say, burial mounds,megaliths and say old churches were in alignment. as a practical man, he thought that these, barely, invisible lines were probably our ancestors versions of motorways-trading routes. you can travel across the landscape and know where you are going because of the markers. It gets more complicated though, when you throw into the ring the idea of spirit/ancestor pathways, for this, we have to thank Paul Devereux et al for calling our attention to the dead paths. basically, good spirits can go the straight way and, as ancestors will help us-say with the growth of crops, or bad spirits have to be confused by undulating paths to stop them annoying the living. Throw into the ring, the idea of Feng Shui-ancestor appeasment and Shar chi- the idea that straight lines are dangerous and it all becomes a bit confused.
    i could go on , but what you are best off doing, is reading Danny Sullivan’s new edition of his classic book-to whit-Ley Lines-The Greatest Landscape Mystery ISBN 9780954296346.
    Also, there is a reference to Evans-Wentz The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries 1911. The link is on this site in one of my threads, but you can always go to:http://www.sacred-texts.com/

    Also worth reading is john Michell’s View over Atlantis, sorry, haven’t got the ISBN, but i am sure there will be link on this friendly site. I’m not being lazy-it is a huge subject.

    Welcome, and I hope this helps a bit.

  3. cragrat09 says:

    Re: What are Ley Lines?
    Thanks for the information indiagold.

    I’m sceptical about it as well Ian, seeing as they can’t be measured scientifically. I just wanted to increase my incredibly limited knowledge and make sure what I did already know was along the right lines.