Psychic Questing

Psychic Questing

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Psychic Questing

    Hi Brain,

    This website probably won’t exist if I hadn’t been inspired at an early age by Psychic Questing, though the key concept behind it relied on you accepting psychic material at face value and working with it, which I have become somewhat skeptical of over the years.  However, before I was seriously reseaching the paranrmal I was [cough, cough] Questing as no doubt any of the investigators who knew me twenty years ago would happily tell you, whilst trying to embarras me.

    I have however met an investigator involved with a location that has appeared one of the questing books and they knew Graham Philips, Martin Keatman and Andy Collins.  They told me flat out that they knew Philips and Keatman fakedkey parts of The Green Stone and The Eye of Fire.  However they said Collins, in their opinion was genuine.  In fact they even say they saw Philips burying an item.

    In theory, if psychic ability exists then it should be possible to follow up on information gathered and prove whether it was true or not.

  2. Sooty says:

    Re: Psychic Questing
    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for that information. I always took the "Eys of Fire" by Graham  and Martin at face value. Apparently when Graham was involved in "The Heritage" he reached a point when he’d had enough so decided to move away from Andrew Collins and write a book on the Green Stone with Martin Keatman. . If this is true then it’s pretty sad.
    Thanks again

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Psychic Questing
    From what I could make out there was a falling out between Andy, Graham and Martin.  This had Andy writing his version of the Green Stone in his The Seventh Sword and having little to do with The Eye of Fire.  I even came across another group who were faking a quest :(.

    I certainly had a few interesting experiences whilst ‘questing’ including coming across a ritual being performed in a field by a historic monument, but looking back we have to ask how much of it was pure chance, which I think it probably was.  Certianly pant wetting at the time though :).  I do remember sitting sitting with some friends (who post on this forum from time to time), meditating by an ancient site (yes even I did the New Age stuff at one time) when one of the group thought something was hidden above us.  He climbed this old churches wall and found a hole with, well, what looked like a spear head shaped stone inside (as in the  Black Alchemist – but no where as impressive and probably not a real spear head), but as each of touch it as it was passed around we each in turn almost vomitted.  Not sure why, maybe it was the southern water affecting some delicate Northern stomachs, who knows.

    I really must ask Andrew Collins if he would let me interview him and maybe contribute to the site as the Black Alchemist and Seventh Sword really did inspire me once.  Maybe the Black Alchemist himself would agree to be interviewed, if he exists.