Strange experience in my old home

Strange experience in my old home

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  1. indiagold says:

    Re: Strange experience in my old home
    Yes I have had a similar experience (without the booze I must say)that makes it no less valid, but others in the forum might disagree as it can damage the evidence.
    What is interesting about these occurrences is how often they seem to be in liminal places- ie borderland in terms of environment-tops of stairs, windows, corridors etc.
    Could it be that we are affected by the environment and are more likely to “see”,”hear” things etc in particular places

  2. DavidFarrant says:

    Re: Strange experience in my old home
    I would be very interested to hear more about this experience Brian as I was born in Highgate so wondered if I could be familiar with the house. Could you tell us in what year/s these incidents occurred and when it was you returned to the house again with your daughter?
    I am revising my book "Dark Journey" for an imprint next year although I would not, of course, include any details withiout your prior approval.
    Thanks anyway if you could help.

    David Farrant, Preident, BPOS

  3. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Strange experience in my old home
    High gate i never been there, but there are so many reports of strange things in that area, besides all the other stories i come across thats linked to high gate, its just seems to have a high record of mysterious creatures and black shapes.

    if you search highgate vampires or this well documented case there just seems to be so many just bizzare reports even from expert witneses.

    Just a lot describing a lot of black shaped things up there, maybe its the beer.