Craig Y Nos Castle

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Craig Y Nos Castle
    You can discover more about the ghosts at Craig y Nos here.

  2. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Craig Y Nos Castle
    Its not the Ghosts, the staff often well claim to see Madamne Patti coming down the stairs in reception, i used to live 5 miles away from the place for 12 years, if you bypass the front drive and go into the next entry you will enter the car park that you can access the grounds, take long walks, relax etc.

    The problem is with the curse, colonial days in Cakcutta and the Cape, the Missionary work the Slave Trade, Between the British and the Dutch you can imagine how the locals felt about them.

    As legend goes.

    A holy man of calcutta is said to have uttered a vengefull curse on the family after they did something that was tragic to him and his own family, what ever it was he was ruined and humilated.

    Wether it was a land dispute or a bad business deal what ever it was it was bad, it affected him so bad and made him so bitter that what happened was not ever going to be taken lightly.

    This curse followed that family from India and took up residence in that house, and apart from bell witch a curse or entity has never been known to hurt or kill anybody that is something rarely recorded, but some who hand down local history from generation to generation will say its not a curse, its a something and no one knows what it is.

    A lot of people who strolled in parts of the gardens have had times where they feel followed and pursued in a menacing way by something they feel is extremely not of God and tend to not to go there alone.

    What ever it is besides the hauntings the locals believe is still there and can be not a good thing to play about with or re-summon.

    Those are the things you got to made well aware of before attempting any sort of communication with the unseen, you dont know what is really active there.

    In india they are well known for powerfull curses or releasing things,

    Brahman’s curse seems to been around ever since Adam fell out of grace from God, its a you are condemned to reap what you have sown and not only that all the sins of all your ancesters that has ever exsisted but you and all your descendants must balance it up and painfully pay up you will