Mary Blandy

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Mary Blandy
    I have come across a reference that in Oxfordshire local terminology for ‘I’ve seen a ghost’ would be ‘I’ve seen Mary Blandy’, so this may account, over time for the numerous places she is reputed to haunt.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Mary Blandy

    It has also been said that May Blandy haunted Kingston House in  Kingston Bagpuize.  This may be due to the link between the house and the Blandy family who’s arms it has on the gates.

    Kingston House stands in the centre of the large park of Kingston Bagpuize and is approached by an avenue of trees. John Latton, who died in 1548, built a manor-house, but the present mansion is a handsome building of red brick and stone of Georgian character with a pedimented front. The gates bear the Blandy arms. It possessed in the 18th century old glass windows showing the arms of the Lattons, but these together with the old glass in the church have disappeared, and were probably those of the ‘Lattons of Esher’ which were placed in the ‘Star Chamber’ in Lord Oxford’s villa at Strawberry Hill. 

    From ‘Parishes: Kingston Bagpuize’, A History of the County of Berkshire: Volume 4 (1924