Maud’s Elm

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  1. Cassandra says:

    I’m sorry lads, but if you read Miles Watkins’ “autobiography”, the tale that he related to the Duchess was of a Swindon (Village) woman called Mary Maul who was hanged for poisoning her husband. This being deemed a treacherous event, she was buried at the site, it becoming known as Maul’s Elm.

    • It’s actually Maud’s Elm, and not Maul’s Elm, when the tree was cut down, a group of houses were built on the site of the three, which is called Maud’s Elm. After Maud who died after her uncle and the landlord tried to kidnap her. It was practice back then to put an elm stake through anyone who committed suicide, so they couldn’t come back to life.

    • There’s another tale of a young girl called Maud, who tragically slipped off the bridge after her uncle and lord of the manor tried to kidnap her. Her uncle was killed when her sweetheart was nearby hunting, he heard her scream and shot an arrow, which hit the uncles heart. At the time she was deemed as a suicide case, and which was against the law at the times, so she was buried where this tree is, with an elm stake through her heart. This is the same story and not the one you mention. The tree was taken down in 1910, and a house now sits where the tree once did. It’s up for sale and abandoned. This is not Maul’s Elm, but Maud’s Elm, it’s even named after her.

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