Aleister Crowley

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  1. Mauro says:

    Re: Aleister Crowley
    Two quick things about the Abbey of Thelema.

    According to most recent research Loveday died of gastroenteritis brought on by drinking water from a local pool, something the locals had advised him against. Crowley later played on how he had given the advice himself, of course.

    Second: according to my Sicilian contacts the villa is still standing, though it’s in very bad state.
    The famous murals were whitewashed by order of the local authorities after Crowley left in 1923.
    Part of them were uncovered by one of Crowley’s followers, Kenneth Anger, in the ’50s. The rest were uncovered by local and foreign occultists over the following fifty years. Sicily is a veritable hotbed of occult interest, ranging from serious and devoted researchers to "weekend Satanist" types.
    While the villa itself is in very bad shape, the murals themselves are remarkably well preserved and many pictures have recently surfaced on the Internet.
    The Abbey’s status is currently unclear: nobody knows who owns title to it.
    The windows and doors have been boarded or bricked over to prevent access many times again but daring types have always managed to find ways to get in.

    Since the status of the building is presently unknown and the building is so degraded I strongly warn against trying to gain entrance.

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