Clairvoyance, Ghosts or Madness

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  1. Turtlethrone says:

    The above experiences are
    The above experiences are mine and I pretty much ignore them now when possible, but recently I had cause to discuss them and it got me thinking a little. Finding that you see are seeing things at the age of 16, just when you are trying to find yourself and how you fit in with society was somewhat traumatic. It made me a bit of a loner and oddball. Everyone who found out seemed to support the theory that they were spiritual in nature and envied the ‘ability’. But experimenting with it overtime brought the conclusion that there must be a natural explanation and it probably means my brain is wired slightly differently. I don’t understand brain science but it was easier to accept than a supernatural answer. It’s just difficult to talk about experiences such as those above without wondering if they think you’re a die hard believer/psychic or some kind of nut job, which is a shame, because the experiences are part of me, my past and have in some way helped shape who I am now.

  2. mairead havern says:

    mediumship / clairvoyance
    When talking to like minded people I probably would explain that since i have been involved in practising Reiki, I have had some visual experiences. Although If I am honest, I will admit now here where it is safe to do so.  That Ive known there is something ad an unexplained awareness and connection with me on a spiritualist level. that is the best description i can give at this time.  At some point in my youth I had a recurring dream that I was a member of a different family in the 1800s.  The area and location I describe in my dream , had been described just as what my dream had been but only long before 1900s.  I have a strong connection and longing to discover and learn about the celts and their connection with the sea/oceans, like it is a missing part of my family history. In this present life I had once a fear of water but trained myself not to although i still cannot swim even though I long to but my body or an psychological fear somewhere closed off will not allow me to. I have a strong admiraion for wolves and seals I acknowledge these beautiful beings  as almost human( if they to be viewed as animals so should we).
    I posted an enquiry today to this website about finding a spiritualist church in the area around Co Louth.  I have found one in Belfast, but just made an enquiry about one in the rest of Ireland.  Just wanted to also mention In my teenage years between 13 to 17 I was quite ill not expected to live a normal life, it was within those years that I discovered I was connected spiritually with a higher self whom helped become well. I have grown leaps and bounds in my spiritual journey although there is no another door wanting me to unlock I just sending out a message asking Can someone guide me in the right direction to find the key.  Thankyou for your time  Reiki Hugs and Angel Love,
    Mairead Havern
    Reiki Practitioner

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Thank you for sharing your
    Thank you for sharing your account Mairead and welcome to the website.   I have spoken to a few clairvoyants who say that their abilities began around the time they had an illness.

  4. Domus Ventorum says:

    Clairvoyance/Clair audiance

    Yes,the person whom the article is about is most definitally clairvoyant.I have also experienced all that has been mentioned,except that I very rarelly see Greys,mine is mostly in perfect 3d,and color,sound and scent.

    Mairead,one of my best friends is a Reiki master,and as long as you suround yourself with Light,and only ever learn from people that are surrounding themselfes with Light,you will be fine.

    Read up a bit on Shamanism,and animal spirit guides,I think you might find it quite interresting..smiles.

  5. Turtlethrone says:

    Hi Domus,  I am glad to
    Hi Domus,  I am glad to have come across someone that can relate to my experiences.

  6. SharonAthena says:

    Re: Clairvoyance, Ghosts or Madness
    I’m psychic, too, and sometimes, when I do readings, I see scenes from "Star Trek," but that’s because I’m a Trekkie. I should also mention I’m a Bewley. Y’all are from Britain and Ireland, so you’d understand what that actually means and implies. They’re my Anglo-Irish cousins and they ARE a psychic family, or I wouldn’t be psychic.

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