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A75 Road Ghosts

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I have recently been contacted by a group of investigators from the Dumfries area called Mostly Ghostly who are interested in tracking down accounts of experiences along the A75 Gretna to Stranraer road.  They are especially interested in:

*Sightings of ghosts, apparitions, strange creatures etc. on the A75 (old and new roads)

*New, first-hand accounts

*Additional info on existing stories

*The areas of especial interest lie between Gretna and Annan on the old A75 and on the newer stretch; Kinmount Straight between Dumfries and Annan.

*The Dumfries Bypass is another source of interest - in 2010, a previous team member had an experience on this road and we've since received another report of a sighting that took place just after the bypass opened (1990/1991).

*Any historical information that may shed light on the alleged hauntings

*Theories regarding the wide range of unusual sightings/experiences that appear to be focused on these areas.




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