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Turin Shroud IS Supernatural Apparently

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Re: Turin Shroud IS Supernatural Apparently

I posted a link to an excellent article on stealth dirigibles on the North American section. I saw a Lockheed-Martin link about 10 years ago that showed patent pending on what many people claim to be seeing. I think the patent has been approved.

Neither Dr. Carl Sagan nor Dr.Stephen Hawkings believes that we are being visited by fact Dr. Hawkins has stated the consequences would probably be leathal for us if they were.

When I was a kid space aliens were long haired blondes...Roy Thinnes was in a TV show where he had to fight them on a weekly basis.

Then came the blue guy with big heads like the Great Oz. That they have no muscles in their bodies and yet can wander around unheeded has not been explained.

And the abduction from the fifties or early sixties...the multiethnic couple...first described beings that were very human looking...over time they evolved into something else.

And lastly....I have had two cases of night terrors. Since I do not believe in UFOs....the monster in the room with me had more to do with Native American beliefs than space aliens. I think a lot of people are suffering from night terrors.

What upsets me most about these ET reserachers is they have no respect or understanding of the cultures they are ripping off. Hayagriva of India has more to do with Ecne of Ireland than Steven Speilberg.

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