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'Ghost Stories' An Interview With Andy Nyman

Following sell-out seasons at the Lyric Hammersmith and Liverpool Playhouse, the terrifying Ghost Stories is opening in the West End at the Duke of York’s Theatre on 25 June 2010. Created by Andy Nyman (magician, actor and the man behind Derren Brown’s television and stage show) and master of the macabre Jeremy Dyson (League of Gentlemen), Ghost Stories is set to be a cult horror classic.

Andy Nyman was kind enough to give an exclusive interview with Mysterious Britain & Ireland.

Andy, I have read reviews describing ‘Ghost Stories’ as scary, unsettling, terrifying and as being a pant-wetter. How would you describe it and does it meet all your expectations?

Everything the reviews say seems to be spot on. The show is an absolute rollercoaster for the audience. hopefully they never quite know what is coming next.

What were the key inspirations behind ‘ghost stories’?

There are so many. Obviously all the work Jeremy & I have done in our respective careers has impacted on the show, but there are many other influences. e.g. comics, great british horror movies, fairground rides plus great moments from theatre that have affected us.

What is your approach toward or opinion of the paranormal and has this changed over time?

I am pretty sceptical I'm afraid. I think like a lot of sceptics I would love there to be 'something' out there, but once logic & science is applied to situations, the mystery very often vanishes. Hopefully something will pop up one day that can't be easily disproved.

What was it like co-writing ‘Ghost Stories’ with Jeremy Dyson from the League of Gentlemen?

A joy. We have been best friends since we were 15, so this was the culmination of a dream. We have just laughed & laughed as we have created. Seeing people jump & hearing them scream at the show is simply incredible.

How different is writing and working on Ghost Stories compared to the shows you have done for Derren Brown?

There are obvious similarities, taking an audience on a journey, constantly trying to second guess & surprise them. Obviously though Jeremy & Derren are totally different, so who they are makes the process so different. Both are great fun though.

How do you find the contrast between working as an actor on a big feature film such as the recent Black Death and working on stage infront of a live audience?

I love them both. there is no excitement quite like hearing 'action' being called, it feels like you are dreaming. But standing on that stage knowing the journey the audience are about to go on is wonderful.

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