Country and County: Carlisle


John Whitfield A6 Ghost

It has been suggested that the ghost of John Whitfield, a highwayman hung in chains by Barrock Fell can be heard crying for help. In his book ‘Bygone Cumberland and Westmorland’ (1899), Daniel Scott...


St Andrew’s Well, Kirkandrews-upon-Eden

‘Only one well has been discovered dedicated to St. Andrew in the county, which is situated in the churchyard of Kirkandrews-on-Eden, and is not affected by the most intense frost or the longest drought....


Dalston Holy Well

According to The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England by Robert Charles Hope (1893),’The Holy Well near Dalston is very interesting, and had some connection with Carlisle. It is situated in the...


Irthington Holy Well

According to The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England by Robert Charles Hope (1893), ‘At Irthington, rising in the churchyard boundary, was the well called “How,” or “Ha,” evidently a corruption of...


Toddel Well

‘No one now seeks Toddel Well in the township of Longrigg. It was formerly the belief in this parish that the waters of this well had a similar efficacy to the pool of Bethesda,...


St Ninian’s Well, Brisco

‘Miss Losh*, who will be long remembered in this county for her works of piety and love, extended her protecting care to St. Ninian’s Well at Brisco, erecting over it a semicircular arch, and...

Botcherby Big Cat (2013)

On 20 May 2013 the following article by Emily Parsons entitled ‘A BIG cat spotter claims a recent “lynx” sighting in Carlisle is not the first’, was published in the News and Star.

Carlisle’s Cursing Stone

In 2001 a large stone inscribed with a curse was place in the underpass near Carlisle’s Tullie House Museum. It was designed by a local Carlisle artist named Gordon Young and made by Andy Altman.


The Bridal of Triermain (1813) by Sir Walter Scott

Come Lucy! while ’tis morning hour
       The woodland brook we needs must pass;
So, ere the sun assume his power,
We shelter in our poplar bower,
Where dew lies long upon the flower,
       Though vanish’d from the velvet grass.
Curbing the stream, this stony ridge