Country and County: Norfolk


All Saint’s Parish Church, Swanton Morley

The 14th century All Saints’ Church, has a peculiar pieced of local folklore or tradition attached to it. ‘At All Saints church in Swanton Morley, it’s said that Satan can be summoned if you...


A47 Acle Straight

The A47 Acle Straight is a nine mile stretch of road which was opened in 1831 over marshland, which appears to have a reputation of being haunted.  The following article by Stacia Briggs and...


Breydon Water

The following article by Stacia Briggs and Siofra Connor entitled ‘Have you seen a whistling ghost off the Acle Straight?’, was published in the Eastern Daily Express (26 May 2022) and describes a strange...

Headless Coachman, Norwich

The following extract is taken from ‘Notes on the Folk-lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders by William Henderson’ (1879). ‘The Headless Coach, or more correctly coach with headless coachman, appears again in Norfolk. Mr.

The Living Apparition of Rev. Dr. Hugh Astley, Vicar of East Rudham

On 26 December 1908 an apparition was witnessed outside the vicarage in East Rudham. The apparition, witnessed by several people was identified as Rev. Dr. Hugh Astley, the Vicar of East Rudham. Astley had recently been in a railway accident, bt was not dead, so this was a strange experience involving the apparition of a living person, known all three witnesses.

Shrieking Pond or Pit

The Shrieking Pond or Shrieking Pit is a pool near Hungry Hill that is said to be haunted by the ghost of woman who drowned there in 1780.

Parish Church of St Mary, Worstead

The Grade I listed church of St Mary in Worstead is associated with the legend of ghostly White Lady with healing powers. In the 1970’s a photograph was taken within the church of Diane Berthelot and behind her is what some people believe may be this apparition.