Shepley Big Cat (2011)

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Shepley Big Cat (2011)
    The story continues in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner in an article by Neil Atkinson dating from 7 November 2011

    Is there a lion on the loose in Shepley? – Have you seen it?

    RESIDENTS in Shepley were last night left wondering: Have we a lion loose in the village?

    The big cat, thought to be a cub, had been spotted three times in the space of a few hours by three different people.

    And their reports were taken deadly seriously by police, who mounted a huge hunt for the cat.

    That ended as a cold darkness descended on the village but police confirmed inquiries were continuing.

    At one point during yesterday afternoon’s drama, rail passengers were not allowed to get off at Shepley station after one report suggested the lion had been seen on the line.

    Police brought in the West Yorkshire force helicopter to join the big search yesterday afternoon.

    They confirmed they had three reports of a lioness or lion cub seen in the area yesterday afternoon.

    One sighting was in the car park of The Cask & Spindle pub in Abbey Road, a second at Birdsedge about two miles away and a third on the rail line near Shepley station.

    Insp Carlton Young, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “We’ve had unconfirmed reports of a lion or a lion cub in the area. We’ve had officers looking around.

    “At the moment we’ve had nothing confirmed and we’ve not located anyone who is claiming to have lost an animal.”

    Officers believe the woman – who claimed to have seen a lion on Penistone Road, Shepley – was a genuine caller.

    Around 12 officers were dispatched to look for the lion along with the police helicopter.