The Tulip Staircase, Queens House

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2 Responses

  1. Stephen Clementson says:

    Re: The Tulip Staircase, Queens House
     It’s all rather curious stuff.  Neither my wife, nor I, would be able to comment validly on location-specific haunting, as we, ourselves, appear to be haunted.  I can say that, whilst the haunting is of us, symbolic locations do cause massive peaks in the event levels.

  2. Stephen Clementson says:

    Re: The Tulip Staircase, Queens House
     My personal investigations involved bizarre events that had parallels in other cases.  In other words, these events had interconnecting operational styles.  I detect a sense of humour in their application, too.  In this case, however, the only humorous link that I can see may be entirely coincidental.  Nonetheless, that conceptual link is between the name ‘Hardy’ (meaning ‘courageous; strong’), the A206 Nelson Road, and the A206 Trafalgar Road outside.


    As I have said, this Nelson/Trafalgar connection may be a pure coincidence.  And, although Captain Thomas Hardy was genuinely involved, the historical authenticity of the “kiss me Hardy” statement has been challenged.  Nonetheless, the alternative “kismet, Hardy” statement is also said to be anachronistic.  I have found a reference stating that the term ‘kismet’ was not in use in the English language at the time of Nelson’s death.